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Backgammon Boot Camp by Walter Trice


In a series of articles first appearing online at GammonVillage.com, Trice covers every aspect of the game--from the most fundamental to the most advanced. No other book covers this range of essential material. Regardless of your level of play, Backgammon Boot Camp will transform you into a lean, mean, point-winning machine. (more)
Classic Backgammon Revisited by Jeremy Bagai


120 previously published problems . . . reanalyzed. The biggest errors from the best authors. (more)
What's Your Game Plan? Backgammon Strategy in the Middle Game - by Mary Hickey and Marty Storer


Too much so-called "backgammon analysis" is merely glib post-hoc justification of computer rollouts. (more)
Backgammon - Hardcover - by Paul Magriel and Renée Magriel Roberts


Backgammon is the most highly-regarded work on the subject, often referred to as "The Bible" of the game. (more)
Chouette and More - Book on CD - by Mary Hickey


This new book on CD is "Chouette and More: The World's First and Only Backgammon Sci-fi Soap Opera", by Mary Hickey. (more)

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