Tournament Report - 2012 ABT US Open Backgammon Championships

by Mary Hickey
24 January 2012

Ted Chee

Mary Hickey reports on the 2012 ABT US Open Backgammon Championships held in San Francisco, California on January 13 through January 16, 2012.

Ted Chee is the winner of the 2012 US Open! This breaks the streak of women winning it for the last three years. Perhaps this will lead to an ABT trophy for him this year too, since there's plenty more backgammon action to come in the year ahead. Congrats, and good show Ted!

South San Francisco is a good place to hold a tournament in January, since even though it's not tropical like last year's US Open venue in Florida, it's still warmer than the places to the north that many of the players call home. It also has many attractions for non-playing Significant Others, such as the shopping in Union Square, historic Ghirardelli Square (inspiration for the chocolates sold by that name) and of course the waterfront.

Names mentioned in the article include: (listed alphabetically)

Alberto Marti
Bill Davis
Carol Joy Cole
Cathai Murray
Cheryl Andersen
Chiva Tafazzoli
Christian Stoddard
Dale Rose
David Dows
Ed Rosenblum
Eddie Sant'Ana
Erwin Horn
Greg Merriman
Jeremy Bagai
Jesse Jestadt
Josh Racko
Justin Nunez
Ken Bame
Kit Woolsey
Malcolm Davis
Maria Heiner
Mario Savan
Mark Antrinikian
Mark James
Marv Porten
Matt Cohn-Geier
Maxim Glaeser
Michelle Andersen
Nicholas Dale
Odis Chenault
Patrick Gibson
Penina Meisels
Perry Gartner
Pete Moustoufi
Phil Simborg
Robert Stoller
Rynell Nunez
Stepan Nuniyants
Stephen Mead
Ted Chee

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