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Sweet 16 In The Prime Of Life Quiz

by Jake Jacobs
10 April 2012

Jake Jacobs

Spring is here, and prom season is in full swing.

"All the cats" may want to dance with Sweet Little Sixteen, but I am sure that for this quiz you are glad she came in off the bar instead of dancing.

All problems are money games, Black on roll, owning the cube.

These problems are all pretty similar. In Problems One through Three the choices are to come out, hitting, or come in and hit on your own bar. In Four through Six you may escape, prime, or hit the second checker off your acepoint. In Problems Seven and Eight you may escape, hit loose, or bring another builder into range. In Nine you may boldly hit loose, breaking your prime, or play quietly. Finally, in Problem Ten you may escape, or hit loose.

The differences are slight, and have to do with how well White can contain your checker, and when you have two back, how dangerous it is to leave the anchor. The answers given below thus speak for themselves.

1. Black to play 16?

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Feedback about this article:

Subject: Re: Sweet 16 In The Prime Of Life Quiz
From: Grant Hoffman
Date: 16 Apr 2012 05:46 EST

I think the daigram 9 is wrong as the diagram has black on the bar so the solution 7/6 7/1* is impossible.

Subject: Re: Sweet 16 In The Prime Of Life Quiz
Date: 19 Apr 2012 21:16 EST

I agree with Andreas that in some cases the answers don't speak for themselves. For example, in some of the later positions, Black is playing on, and it's not obvious to me that the checker play remains the same if the cube is moved to White's side. Even if the play is the same, it may be for a different reason.

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Celebrating 15 years in backgammon games