Celebrating 17 years in backgammon games

Tournament Report - 2012 ABT Pittsburgh Labor Day Backgammon Championships

by Mary Hickey
7 September 2012

Alfred Mamlet

Mary Hickey reports on the 2012 ABT Pittsburgh Labor Day Backgammon Championships held in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on August 30 through September 3, 2012.

Steve Hast emerged from retirement to run the Pittsburgh tournament, since last year's director Rob Maier decided to hang it up after three years running the Pittsburgh ABT event. He was assisted by former Indiana directors Butch and Mary Ann Meese, his old school chum Jeff Sutker, Rachel Pampino, Janeen Bost, and his son Ryan. Steve has never been out of the picture regarding this event, since he assisted Rob during the years that he ran it, and his son Ryan was also on hand last year to help out with the always-popular hospitality suite. This year it was Rachel who kept the food coming nonstop throughout the weekend. Smart idea, keeping a large pack of restless animals well fed!

Names mentioned in the article include: (listed alphabetically)

Abbas Zaltash
Alan Grunwald
Alex Gerding
Alfred Mamlet
Barry Silliman
Bill Phipps
Bill Robertie
Bob Koca
Boris Dekhtyar
Brent Cohen
Bruce Ballance
Butch Meese
Cal Bommarito
Carol Joy Cole
Cengiz Yakut
Chris Knapp
Dan Wittkopp
Dick Bennett
Ed O'Laughlin
Fernando Newmark
Frank Raposa
Grant Schneider
Herb Roman
Janeen Bost
Jeff Sutker
John Klein
Karen Davis
Kathy Hast
Kent Goulding
Martha Ghio
Mary Ann Meese
Michael Edge
Mike Senkiewicz
Mike Vasilatos
Patty Geoffroy
Paul Magriel
Peter Swartwout
Petko Kostadinov
Phil Simborg
Rachel Pampino
Ray Fogerlund
Rich Munitz
Richard Munitz
Roz Ferris
Ryan Hast
Sheri Peters
Stacy Williams
Steve Hast
Suzanne Auer

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Celebrating 17 years in backgammon games