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Urquhart Absolute Pip Count (UAPC)

by Robert Urquhart and Phil Simborg
3 January 2013

Phil Simborg

The previous article, UCC, describes a method of finding the pip difference for any Backgammon position, using a novel "Colorless" approach. This article extends that concept to develop an Absolute Pip Count Algorithm (UAPC). Since we are finding the pip count for only one side of the board, it is not colorless, but uses many of the same definitions and ideas from that previous process.

We will use the same 3 positions as in the UCC article and use the new approach to find the absolute pip count for Red's checkers.

UCC has 3 steps:
Step 1: Crossovers
Step 2: Semi-Crossovers
Step 3: Unit-Crossovers

UAPC has 4 steps that are very similar:
Step 1: Normal Crossovers
Step 2: Semi-Crossovers
Step 3: Unit-Crossovers
Step 4: Add 30 Pips

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Celebrating 15 years in backgammon games