Celebrating 17 years in backgammon games


The GammonVillage Tutorials section contains hundreds of articles. For your convenience we have separated them into different categories. Click on the link below that best suits your needs:

  • Beginner Backgammon Tutorials

    These articles will help new players of the game. Includes the following series:

  • Backgammon Brain Busters
  • Three puzzling backgammon positions per article
  • Double Trouble
  • Cube action strategy problems
  • The Gammon Soapbox
  • A single difficult position is examined in each article
  • Backgammon Boot Camp
  • The original, masterful, comprehensive series by Walter Trice
  • Advanced Backgammon Tutorials

    More experienced players can learn from these articles. Includes these series:

  • Phil Simborg's Blunders
  • Phil comments on some of his backgammon blunders
  • Gregg Cattanach's Quiz
  • Seven backgammon problems examined per article
  • The Village Quiz
  • A long-running column featuring problems encountered in live play
  • Dorbel's Gazette
  • Paul Money's detailed examination of backgammon positions
  • Strategic Choices
  • Backgammon trategy tutorials from various backgammon experts
  • Annotated Bot Matches

    These analyzed matches have been rolled out, and commentary added from some of the world's top backgammon players. Includes commentary by:

  • Jay Bidal
  • A Canadian expatriate backgammon expert in Abu Dhabi
  • Neil Kazaross
  • ABT Backgammon powerhouse
  • Steve Sax
  • World-class backgammon player and GammonVillage feature columnist
  • Marty Storer
  • Backgammon expert and veteran of the 1970s golden days of backgammon
  • Douglas Zare
  • Mathematician, expert backgammon player, and GammonVillage feature columnist
  • Mark Driver
  • Top backgammon player and frequent GammonVillage contributor
  • Stein Kulseth
  • Stein Kulseth, the Editor of Norpunkt, the newsletter from The Norwegian Backgammon Federation
  • Analyzed Bot Matches

    These are matches between some great players analyzed by Snowie 3 Pro and Snowie 4 Pro.

  • Backgammon Lessons

    This is where you can obtain lessons from some of the top players.

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    Celebrating 17 years in backgammon games