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A GammonVillage Exclusive:
Backgammon Sets by Hector Saxe, Paris France
Hextor Saxe, Paris France

Hector Saxe Calfskin Leather Backgammon Set - Black


Price: $1,650.00

The world's finest 21-inch entertainment centre now comes in black and white and will never be obsolete!

Exclusive to GammonVillage, this precision-crafted Hector Saxe backgammon board puts the luxury in your leisure time.

Wrapped in supple calfskin leather with polished brass hardware, the case is a joy to carry by the hand stitched leather handle. (try carting a flat screen TV on your travels or to the cottage!) In fact, the only weight you'll feel is the expectation of another thrilling victory.

Environmental friendliness has never felt so decadent. Carefully crafted for luxurious long life, this backgammon board will last for thousands of hours of action, drama, and the occasional comedy. Hand-powered high-gloss mother-of-pearl chips never need charging and high definition ivory and black points are clearly visible on the all-leather playing surface – even by candlelight. This deluxe all-leather Hector Saxe backgammon set is also completely biodegradable, but we trust you won't put that claim to the test.

Click the specifications tab (above) for a detailed description of this backgammon set, including all materials and sizes. You may click any photo above for a closer view.

Backgammon Set Dimensions:
Closed Length: 20 3/8" Width: 14" Height: 2 3/4"
Open Length: 20 3/8" Width: 28 3/8" Height: 1 3/8"
Backgammon Set Materials:
Case Material: Leather - Calfskin
Case Color: Black
Field Material: Inlaid Leather
Field Color: Grey
Points 1 Color: Black
Points 2 Color: White
Clasp Style: Massif Brass with Key Lock
Backgammon Stone Dimensions:
Diameter: 1 3/4"
Thick: 3/8"
Material: High Gloss Mother of Pearl
Stones 1 Color: Black
Stones 2 Color: White
Backgammon Dice/Cube Dimensions:
Dice Size: 5/8"
Cube: 3/4"
Dice Set 1 Color: Black
Dice Set 2 Color: White
Cube Color: White
Backgammon Cup Dimensions:
Cup Height: 3" Width: 1 3/4" Length: 3"
Cup Exterior: Leather
Cup Interior: Black Leatherette
Cup 1 Outer: Black
Cup 1 Base: Black
Cup 2 Outer: Black
Cup 2 Base: Black


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