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A GammonVillage Exclusive:
Backgammon Sets by Hector Saxe, Paris France
Hextor Saxe, Paris France

Hector Saxe Suede Leather Travel Backgammon Set - Maroon


Price: $595.00

Did you know that the best bordeaux now comes from Paris? Coloured like fine wine, this eye-catching luxury travel backgammon board comes from the cultivated craftsmen of Hector Saxe – and it's available only at GammonVillage!

Rich, bordeaux-hued suede beautiful fittings on a light-bodied wooden case set the flavour of magisterial quality. And the warm, inlaid leather surface beckons you to match that with your gameplay.

Cream and bordeaux points on black are home to the smoothly-finished mother-of-pearl checkers. Glide yours across a seamless, lively playing field while opponents are distracted by sumptuous textures and slightly bitter notes of impending defeat.

The best thing is that you can endlessly savour this heirloom-quality backgammon and it still gets better with age. So unlock the massif brass clasps and let it breathe. But be careful! The taste of victory is highly addictive...

Click the specifications tab (above) for more details about this deluxe backgammon set, including all materials and sizes. Click any photo for a closer look.

Backgammon Set Dimensions:
Closed Length: 14 1/4" Width: 10" Height: 2 1/2"
Open Length: 14 1/4" Width: 20" Height: 1 1/4"
Backgammon Set Materials:
Case Material: Suede
Case Color: Bordeaux
Field Material: Inlaid Leather
Field Color: Black
Points 1 Color: Bordeaux
Points 2 Color: Cream
Clasp Style: Massif Brass
Backgammon Stone Dimensions:
Diameter: 1 1/8"
Thick: 3/16"
Material: High Gloss Mother of Pearl
Stones 1 Color: Brown
Stones 2 Color: Ivory
Backgammon Dice/Cube Dimensions:
Dice Size: 5/8"
Cube: 3/4"
Dice Set 1 Color: Brown
Dice Set 2 Color: Light Brown
Cube Color: Ivory
Backgammon Cup Dimensions:
Cup Height: 3" Width: 1 3/4" Length: 3"
Cup Exterior: Leather
Cup Interior: Black Leatherette
Cup 1 Outer: Brown
Cup 1 Base: Brown
Cup 2 Outer: Brown
Cup 2 Base: Brown


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