Simborg's Blunders

Phil Simborg is the author of many articles, including several published on GammonVillage. He describes himself as a pretty good player from Chicago who makes some real are some of them.

First Published:
12 Sep 2006

Advanced Backgammon Tutorials

More experienced backgammon players can learn from this series of advanced backgammon tutorials, written by the best backgammon authors in the field.

First Published:
17 Dec 1999

Gregg's Quiz

Gregg Cattanach, one of the top players on the backgammon circuit in the USA, offers seven new problems per article and has invented a scoring system based on the equity difference in Snowie analysis.

First Published:
05 Aug 2005

The Village Quiz

This is the Home of the Howlers from the boards of the best. All of these positions come from live play between strong players. They got them wrong, can you do better at home? No trick questions, so just choose the play that you would make in an important match against an equal opponent. Good Luck!

First Published:
19 Apr 2002

Dorbel's Gazette

Backgammon is a game of complete information. When it is our turn to make a play, with checker or cube, all the information that we need is already available to us. We can see every checker and the cube, we know the score and we can see the dice. If we haven't yet rolled, we do at least (I hope!) know the probabilities associated with dice rolls.

First Published:
24 Sep 2003

Strategic Choices

Read and learn from this collection of advanced backgammon strategy tutorials by some of the top backgammon players in the world.

First Published:
10 Dec 2000
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