Arnaud Mattern: French Kiss Between Backgammon Leather and Poker Felt

by Frank Große
10 June 2009

Arnaud Mattern

Arnaud Mattern, a professional backgammon and poker player from France, now lives in London. The backgammon player, who entered the poker world in the year 2004, has three first place-finishes to his credit. Arnaud was interviewed by Frank Große, a 33 year old chess, poker and backgammon player from Germany. Frank Große is both a computer scientist and a freelance journalist.

Frank Große: You are a Frenchman. The players from your country have the reputation of being crazy Poker players who sometimes trust in their luck. How about you? Are you more a calculating or more an emotional player? Do you think that the French players are gamblers?

Mattern: Yes, I would say that most French players are gamblers, and that generally, they won't look too much at the odds, their position, or any strategy in particular. They just like to gamble for the fun of it. (A few exceptions exist of course, as a few of my friends from the Winamax team, like Guillaume de Lagorce, or Antony Lellouche calculate everything and don't rely only on luck.) For me, well, I played a lot of sit 'n' go games a few years ago, so it shaped my perspective of poker as a math-related game. However I play a lot of cash games at the moment, and understanding the psychology and the metagame is very important. So, I'd say that I'm a bit of both. I calculate, but also enjoy the emotional aspect of the game.

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