Learning from the Bots

by Matt Cohn-Geier
21 June 2010

Matt Cohn-Geier

Often people ask me what the best way to study backgammon is. I usually tell them to play against the bots. That's a good start, but there is quite a bit more to be learned from using the bots to effectively study specific positions.

For learning theory, the bots are close to useless. They can't explain why a certain play is correct, beyond the breakdown of cubeless/cubeful wins/gammons/losses. Books, forums, chouettes, and the insights of other players are much better for learning the basic theory of the game. However, anyone can read a book. Once you know what the strategies and tactics involved are, how do you give weight to them? This is a much more difficult question and one that a lot of players struggle with, but effectively studying with the bots can dramatically reduce the learning curve. For seriously improving your game, learning from the bots is second to none.

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