The 1st Online Backgammon Nations Cup

by Steve Sax
22 November 2010

Steve Sax

When I found out that Leonardo Jerkovic was going to be running the "1st Online Backgammon Nations Cup", I immediately asked him how one could qualify to represent their nation in this team event. He informed me that most of the European countries had backgammon federations that would decide which players would represent their countries. Since the fledgling USBGF wasn't taking on that task for this event, he told me that Stick Rice was forming a team.

I asked Stick if I could play on the team and he said I could, as long as I "didn't suck". I took those words to heart as I joined fellow backgammon "Giants" Neil Kazaross, Kit Woolsey, John O'Hagan and captain Stick Rice in the seven round tournament, which would see each country play a different country with like records as the tournament advanced.

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