Mythbusters 1: Make the 5 Point

by Stick
25 January 2011


Most Americans know of the show Mythbusters. I'm not sure how well known it is internationally but I do know that most nowadays have the option of getting the Discovery Channel so maybe it's known worldwide. In short, the show aims to prove or debunk common myths such as can someone beat a lie detector test, could using a cell phone near a gas pump help cause an explosion, could you escape from Alcatraz, etc... At the end of the show there are three possible outcomes. The myth is either 'busted' or proven false, plausible, or confirmed which means it's considered to be true.

When I started playing backgammon I heard a lot of backgammon proverbs. Common examples would be 'make your 5pt', 'always run the last checker', and 'offense before defense'. There are many other that I've picked up along the way and tested to see their level of usefulness. Some sayings needed refining but once polished up a bit, they are dead useful. Others I've completely discarded and still others I've created on my own. Over the next set of articles I'll be inspecting these proverbs and hopefully adding an element or two to your game to help keep your error rating down.

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