Mochy's Backgammon Fundraiser in the Wake of the Tragedy in Japan

by Steve Sax
22 March 2011

Steve Sax

Anybody who has access to a newspaper, radio, television or internet (which is just about everyone) has heard of the triple tragedy in Japan where a 9.0 earthquake was followed by a devastating tsunami and has resulted in cooling systems failing at Fukushima Daichi Nuclear power plant causing a yet unknown potential meltdown of some of its six reactors.

Our friend "Mochy" who is currently in Japan came up with the idea to raise money for the half a million refugees who are currently homeless due to the terrible tragedies which have befallen our East Asian ally.

Mochy's idea was to play 100 three point matches in three days at a variety of online sites which included GridGammon, Safe Harbor Games, Play 65, Play WSOB, Party Gammon and Daily Gammon. He asked each player to donate at least ten dollars and offered to match each donation with an equal donation from his own pocket.

While many of his opponents donated the requisite 10 dollars, some extra generous players donated up to $400 in an effort to speed relief to the suffering thousands who are in need of food, shelter and medical care. For a complete list of the donors, go to following link for more info //

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