Heavyweight Boxing

by Jake Jacobs
10 April 2011

Jake Jacobs

"I am just a poor boy
Though my story's seldom told...

There won't be any taking "comfort with the whores on Seventh Avenue" -- That's a different backgammon story. But we will find out if our boxer has to "cry out in his anger and his shame." Actually it isn't "the' boxer, but any boxer, a boxer being one who makes "box takes."

Once upon a time, when the world was young, so young that the Ents hadn't yet lost the Ent wives, I had never heard of a box take. Hard to believe, but true. In those carefree days of yore we chouetted, and undoubtedly made box takes -- we committed every conceivable sin against backgammon, so could hardly have passed up that one --but the notion of making a calculated box take was alien. Sure, in the heat of the moment we might snatch a cube, but that was a crime of passion. To do it willfully would be the difference between manslaughter and premeditated murder.

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