Preparing for the Giants of Backgammon Invitational

by Steve Sax
21 June 2011

Steve Sax

After accepting an invitation in April to play in the "Giants of Backgammon Invitational" to be held at the Chicago Open in late May, 2011, I had a mere six weeks to get my game up to speed for what would be the toughest tournament I ever played in.

To best prepare for this competition, I decided to put myself in as close to the playing conditions as possible and I did this by trying to mirror those conditions as closely as possible in my training regimen.

The conditions of play would be, best two of three nine point matches, using a clock with specific time controls (2 minutes per point reserve and 12 seconds per move free).

Most practice I had done up until that time was live five and seven point matches, not using a clock, or seven point matches at GridGammon with the pip count on.

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