Merely An Expression Of Expediency

by Jake Jacobs
13 October 2011

Jake Jacobs

I've been thinking about ethics lately, in backgammon, and in the wider world. The stories that follow are all "real," but keep in mind that rumors and allegations are only rumors and allegation. A player may have "really" been accused, but that does not guarantee that he "really" did whatever he (or she) was accused of doing. I will be asking you many hypothetical questions. Infer nothing from my asking. Some questions are based upon things that did happen, but others are theoretical variations only, included as literal "what ifs."

According to a recent article in the Las Vegas Review Journal, a pair of alleged dice cheats beat Wynn Casino for hundreds of thousands of dollars. When I read the article I discovered that the pair was a couple I knew, both once considered top backgammon players before they left the game for poker. The two, according to the article, had been frequent guests of Wynn, and were treated and feted there as high rollers. The allegation is that over the course of many sessions at the crap table they employed a technique known as "sliding."

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