A Match Equity Table Dodge (Part 2)

by Ash Dalvi
16 November 2011

Ash Dalvi

In this article, the 4 cube in a 5 pt match for last take positions will be included into the system. As mentioned in Part 1, this method is fast. It is also user-friendly when you get used to it.

The need for maths has generally been reduced in the game over the years. In pre-bot backgammon books, a lot more maths was recommended to assess positions. You know the type of thing – eg "in 19/36 games, I win of which 3 are gammons ........etc". The bots have reduced this requirement. The reason for this is because pre-bot players had to work out the correct move or cube action themselves. In contrast, post-bot players already have the correct answers provided to them. As such, the only requirement is to remember the positions and correct plays and generalise them to similar situations.

So, in the modern game, it isn’t important what method a player uses to find the correct play. Some players might find it useful to identify a rule or pattern relating to a position-type. Usually, this involves counting up variables such as board strength, race and threats. However, other players might like to work positions out more mathematically, while others may simply prefer to memorise positions visually.

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