Prime vs Blitz: 1 Checker Behind a 4 Prime

by Ash Dalvi
20 December 2011

Ash Dalvi

When you are behind a prime and your opponent is on the bar, there are several ways in which you can win the game. Blitzing, priming and escaping your back checker are all possible game plans. However, all of these plans can also go wrong. You can get hit while attempting to blitz; the priming game may not go your way; you might not roll a number that escapes your back checker in good time or you may escape but lose a race that you started off ahead in.

Clearly, these types of positions are complicated as there are many ways the game can play out. However, they do occur quite frequently. I have called these types of positions “Prime vs Blitz” because blitzing is the doubler's favoured game plan. One reason for this is because your opponent is already on the bar and keeping him there wins a lot of gammons. In addition, because you are ahead in the race in these positions, you should avoid playing a priming game.

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