Tournament Report - 2012 ABT Ohio State Backgammon Championships

by Mary Hickey
28 March 2012

Stick Rice

Mary Hickey reports on the 2012 ABT Ohio State Backgammon Championships held in Cleveland, Ohio on March 23 through March 25, 2012.

Director Joe Miller describes his ABT event as "The People Friendly Tournament!" And though it didn't attract as many people as in recent years, most of those present found it a friendly event. Joe is a bit concerned about the lower than average attendance, but recognizes that the economic recovery has been, to quote some media analysts, "wimpy", and that many other tournaments are competing for the typical backgammon aficionado's attention.

But the event nonetheless made backgammon history--because Stick Rice won his first ABT event, which almost anyone would agree was long overdue. He has come close other times, only to get snapped at the finish line, or in the semis; but this time he caught fire and burned through all the opposition to win the coveted title and associated hardware:

Stick with his Open trophy plaque...

Names mentioned in the article include: (listed alphabetically)

Ben Friesen
Bob Hickey
Brian DiMatt
Carol Joy Cole
Chen-Fu Yu
Chris Knapp
Clyde Davenport
Dale Berlin
David Rockwell
Dmitry Obukhov
Donna Davenport
Emil Mortuk
Fran Miller
Jason Lee
Joe Miller
Karen Davis
Linda Rockwell
Lorenzo Morales
Mary Hickey
Mike Rezai
Patty Geoffroy
Paul Berg
Phil Simborg
Prince Barlow
Robert Lessard
Stephen Collins
Steve Grund
Stick Rice

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