by Stick
27 April 2012


Don't lie, you saw the title and thought this was going to be about dice distribution. Do I look like that kind of guy to you?

Most backgammon articles are geared toward a type of game whether it be backgames or holding games or blitzing games or prime v. prime games or racing games or or or ... There's nothing wrong with that but since I started attending tournaments (again) I've been fascinated by the collection of positions I bring home. These positions are totally random and the joy I get from them is that over the board I thought it was interesting enough to take a picture. These usually aren't decisions where decision A is better than decision B by such a small amount you shrug your shoulders and don't really care. These are decisions with massive equity differences. Even though I'm sometimes right, believe it or not, they're still interesting to delve into deeper.

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