5 Away 2 Away

by Stick
3 July 2012


Reviewing my articles here on Gammonvillage I noticed I hadn't completed all the articles from 5 away 5 away and in. There are a couple scores I skipped over initially that I thought I might get to later. Well guess what, it's later. These scores were a little more straight forward to me than the rest of the scores I covered. That means material for the scores is tougher to come by but I realized watched many people play even these more straight forward scores that they don't have a game plan. This series is meant to outline the basics of the score, things you should know going into a game at such and such score. Before I start any game in a match I take note of the score and it means something to me. Already I have in mind what my ideal game would be. If it's 4a 2a obviously I want to attack if possible and cube early. If I'm at 3a 3a I have a slightly higher take point and centered cube gammon value but other than that it plays mostly like money. If it's 4a 3a or 3a 4a I take into account not only what I know but remind myself that my opponent likely has little idea what is going on and I should take that into account before sending over any 'technical cubes'.

Today we look at 5 away 2 away. Let's build the frame work starting with 2 away's take point. Obviously since the player is 2 away there will be no recube vig to worry about nor any gammon value for the 2 away player making over the board analysis easier.

  • Double/Pass = 2a 4a for 67% match equity.
  • Double/Take/Lose = 2a 3a for 60% match equity.
  • Double/Take/Win = match won for 100% match equity.

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