In Search Of Lost Thaim

by Jake Jacobs
10 January 2013

Jake Jacobs

I went to Thailand for a backgammon tournament, and all I got was ... Four books, five shirts, four Nasacort refills, four boxes of Micardis, thirty movies, and three pairs of jeans. You thought I was going to say "a T-shirt," didn't you? I also got a tan, did some swimming, visited my in-laws, and read a lot of books. One thing I didn't get was a backgammon game. Had I put more effort into it, I might have played, but the starting time for the tournament kept changing; a good thing the first day, as by the time I tracked down the venue I would have already been drawing penalty points. But the second time it got pushed back I decided more swimming and more reading was more fun.

Speaking of time and things lost, I recently was reminded, while perusing a list of the longest novels ever written – I read one of them, Les Miserables, during the trip – that the all-time champ was Proust's dissertation on what happens when you eat some cake. (Who knows what he might have written had he bitten into a magic mushroom?) I had no madeleine to nibble, but I had an article to write – this one – so I ate some blueberry granola with sliced banana, and here we go.

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