Tournament Report - 2013 ABT Ohio State Backgammon Championships

by Mary Hickey
1 April 2013

Greg Merriman

Mary Hickey reports on the 2013 ABT Ohio State Backgammon Championships held in Cleveland, Ohio on March 22 through March 24, 2013.

Greg Merriman is no doubt the kind of "people" that Cleveland tournament director Joe Miller has in mind when he calls his ABT event "The People Friendly Tournament!" What he really means, of course, is that there will be less emphasis on the new "tech" at his tournament, including less use of clocks and cameras. But tech found its way even to this bastion of old-style backgammon: many matches were recorded and/or streamed anyway, with Ben Friesen in charge of the work and the arrangements.

Names mentioned in the article include: (listed alphabetically)

Alan Grunwald
Alex Gerding
Ben Friesen
Bill Calton
Bill Davis
Bryan DeMatt
Carol Joy Cole
Charlene Britton
Chris Knapp
David Rockwell
Dennis Culpepper
Dick Bennett
Dmitriy Obukhov
Doug Roberts
Ed Bennett
Ed O'Laughlin
Farhad Forudi
Fran Miller
Greg Merriman
Istvan Eger
Joe Miller
Jon Vietor
Karen Davis
Linda Rockwell
Lorenzo Morales
Maurice Barie
Mike Vasilatos
Pat G.
Patty Geoffroy
Paul Berg
Peter Palk
Phil Simborg
Ray Fogerlund
Stephen Benjamin
Stephen Trundy
Steve Grund
Terry Culpepper
Wanda Roberts

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