Off With Their Heads

by Jake Jacobs
14 June 2013

Jake Jacobs

Within the past few months I have read four books about Gypsy Rose Lee. H. L. Mencken coined the term ecdysiast to describe her. It is from the Greek word for birds shedding their feathers, i.e. molting, and she never cared for it, preferring déshabilleuse, or even deciduous.

Gypsy "took it off," but sometimes she was slow to do so, teasing the audience.

The following quiz deals with contact bearoffs, so you will be doing some peeling. Perhaps this quiz will prove too easy?

Sometimes it is the plays we think we know that trip us up. Let's hope you bump off your opponent, and grind out a win. Maybe you will proudly hold up your string of Gs for all to see.

1. Money Game – Black to play 51

2. Money Game – Black to play 51

3. Money Game – Black to play 41

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