Best of the Backgammon Books - Part IV

by Stick
9 January 2014


While I started out this mini series wanting to revisit my bg book collection, I also stumbled across my pamphlet and newsletter collection.

Why should I leave these out?

So this month I've wafted through countless issues of Inside Backgammon, Flint Area Backgammon News, and Chicago Point.

I also looked through random quizzes and articles I had in paper form from live events.

Let's kick it off with this double fours problem.

is Player 1

score: 0
pip: 158
Unlimited Game
Jacoby Beaver
pip: 137
score: 0

is Player 2
to play 44

eXtreme Gammon Version: 2.10

Well, you either nailed it or you're going to smack yourself in the forehead when I point it out. Did you see 24/8? Any other play is a triple whopper with extra cheese and pickle. This is an excellent example of playing too quickly or playing part of a move you think is 'forced' when it actually isn't. Quite often OtB I will play part of a play, usually half, deciding that half of the play is forced. Doing this allows me to see the new position more clearly. What I tell myself though is make sure it is forced. All too many times I've had people play part of a move believing it was forced and it wasn't. A couple good examples are when there's an inner board blot to be covered or the opponent has a blot that can be hit. The player sees they have a die that will do just what they were looking to do and they make that part of the move totally overlooking a superior play. With this 44 I bet a lot of people OtB would have played 24/20(2) then looked around for the final two fours. That's what the article claimed happened as they settled on 13/5 for the last two.

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