Third Roll Nightmares

by Stick
31 March 2014


I have a hard time selling early game study, esp. the 2nd and 3rd roll, to a lot of people because in reviewing their matches they don't see a lot of errors. Even the errors that come up most often are generally small ones that they can discount simly because of the size of the error or rationalize as a 'style preference'. Other than my usual argument that the early game happens every game and even if you're only making small mistakes when you make them frequently they add up because the early game happens every game and that the early game concepts not only spill but flood into the rest of the game I have another argument to make. Huge mistakes are still made in early game play even by the best of players.

Interesting 3rd roll positions are in no short supply but the issue is that the candidates in a lot of them are close so that if you are making an error it isn't costing you much. This type of play is also hard to define the reasoning that Play A is a smidge better than Play B. What I wanted to do instead was have a look at big 3rd roll mishaps. The problem is identifying them. I can't simply go through all the 3rd rolls and know what people might have a problem with. There are a few concepts I could identify as problematic but when I see your average Open player or better making big mistakes on the 3rd roll I usually wouldn't have suspected it beforehand.

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