DMP from Denmark

by Stick
10 June 2014


For this month's column I've decided to pick apart the dmp matches from the recently held Denmark v. The World event that took place at the Nordic Open. If you somehow don't know what this is, you can read all about it this thread over at my forums. For this article though I tried to focus on plays that would only be correct at dmp and not your standard score. It's important we identify these types of plays so that when they do crop up we don't fail to consider the best play out of habit.

I went through all the dmp matches that were played and what I was able to find that fit this criteria are included in this article. I included the problems whether the player got it correct OtB or not. Download all the matches from this event if you like. Analysis after every problem.

is Player 2

score: 0
pip: 140
1 point match
pip: 110
score: 0

is Player 1
to play 52

Classical problem, attack or play quietly and run away? In general at dmp one of our goals is to get ahead in the race and race. This works on the assumption that we can turn the game completely into a race and there there is some drawback to attacking which is usually the case. It's clear by about a percent here that we should run our back checker to the midpoint, 20/13. The opponent can't hurt us much even if he does anchor since it will be a high anchor and will only relegate him to a poor 21pt anchor game. (poor because of his racing deficit and forward position)

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