Mythbusters No. 5 - Covering the Slotted Ace Point

by Stick
30 June 2014


I've recently been reminded about a couple of Mythbusters I had thought about doing so in the coming months I'm plunging back into the series. We'll be starting with what to do in general when you've slotted the ace point.

Conventional wisdom says, or at least the rumor I heard when I was growing up, that once you've slotted your ace point you should make it at the earliest convenient occasion. If you find my deliberate choice of flexible wording unsatisfactory, roll with 'once you've slotted the ace the first thing you should do is make it'.

Here are seven problems selected from about fifty or so I have saved up til now. Analysis immediately following the problem so scroll slowly. Have at it!

Number 1

is Player 1

score: 0
pip: 165
Unlimited Game
Jacoby Beaver
                          pip: 130
score: 0

is Player 2
to play 46

1.XG Roller++11/1eq: +0.517
69.43% (G:27.53% B:1.20%)
30.57% (G:4.77% B:0.20%)
2.XG Roller++13/7 11/7eq: +0.460 (-0.057)
68.10% (G:26.95% B:1.66%)
31.90% (G:6.90% B:0.40%)
3.XG Roller++22/16 14/10eq: +0.455 (-0.062)
69.10% (G:22.99% B:1.13%)
30.90% (G:5.57% B:0.26%)

eXtreme Gammon Version: 2.19.206.pre-release

When the opponent is on the bar making the ace point is usually a must. There will be your rare exceptions of course but making the ace point will up the amount of dancing numbers from X to Y, always important. In this problem specifically the opponent has no real threats even if he comes in immediately not having a board or a lot of flexibility so we can concentrate on the attack which wins more gammons but also buys us more time to move around the board the longer he spends on the bar. Also remember that other than the obvious fanning numbers there are often other entering numbers that don't play particularly well for your opponent sometimes thanks to you having made that extra point.

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