American Fish Visit Tuna Paradise

by Jake Jacobs
10 November 2014

Jake Jacobs

Just as promised the Butterfly is in flight. If you haven't already purchased your copy it is available from Amazon.

I do my best to attend the Japan Open, held each year during the second weekend of October. In the past fifteen years I have only missed two or three. One of those years my best backgammon buddy, Carter Mattig, slipped into town. In the years since we have played Tokyo Tag, with him saying he'd be there, and me looking under every loose checker for him without finding a trace. This year Phil Simborg decided to give Asia a try, and brought a houseful of people in his wake. One was Carter.

When it comes to backgammon in Japan, those who can, do, while those who can't eat. I resolved to make sure we were well fed. The first night fifteen of us descended on Chinese Café 8 in Roppongi Hills and went through two Peking ducks, fifty or a hundred dumplings, and another eight or ten entrees to fill in the gaps.

The following night was the party to celebrate Akiko Yazawa's world championship victory this past summer. The party was held at Argento Aso in Ginza, a Michelin-starred venue.

Mochy introduces Akiko, while Kenji looks on

The second Monday in October is a holiday, so the tournament is held Saturday through Monday. As always there is the Othello Quiz. This year's problems may be found at:

Meanwhile, here is one of the Othello problems to warm you up. The answer is at the end of the article.

Black trails 0-4 to 7

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