by Jake Jacobs
10 May 2016

Jake Jacobs

There was a new event at the recent backgammon tournament in Las Vegas: Paskogammon. The brainchild of Phil Simborg as its name suggests, it was inspired by legendary player Jim Pasko. Many years ago Jim used to play a proposition with Kumar Motakhasses called "Snake." Snake was essentially a massive backgame. Ever since Jim has made the study of backgames his specialty. He once managed to get all fifteen men sent back in a game against me, and while he lost both matches that we played, that game made his weekend.

Paskogammon is played without a doubling cube, but gammons and backgammons count. Each player plays the Black side once, and if there is a tie a third game is played. Here is the set up.

The finals pitted Phil against Joe Russell. Joe played White the first game, and won one point. It was comical watching Phil try to set up the board with the positions reversed. After several minutes fumbling, he set it up as above, and the players changed sides!

Playing White Phil abandoned one of his inner board anchors early on, to make Joe's bar. Things did no go well, as the following position with Phil on roll as White was reached.

Phil rolled a 26 and played bar/17. Joe rolled 53 and played both men from his 10pt. Then Phil hit with 53. Joe came in with 11: bar/21, and Phil made his 5pt with 21.


A few rolls later White had a strong position...

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