Almost XXactly

by Jake Jacobs
13 December 2016

Jake Jacobs

Time to climb back into the DeLorean, and return to those thrilling days of yesteryear: the Labor Day tournament of 1996. We left the Consolation finals match last month with me leading Paul Magriel 4-2 to 11. It makes sense to start there, and so we will.

On second thought: we won't. The game wasn't flawless; in fact there were plenty of non-best plays. But the largest error was less than 4%, and most errors were under 1%. I offered a cube in the bearoff, which XG says was correct by .004. The game came down to me not rolling threes or better the last roll, leaving one checker on my ace. X-22 needed X2 or better and rolled X6 to win two points, tying the score.

X-22 (White) tied 4-4 to 11

Hoist by his own petard! Paul played 24/22(2), 6/4(2). Making my 3pt puts him six and five pips away from my outer board blocking points, just where he doesn't want to be. It is nice to own the 4pt, but there is no rush to make it; he has plenty of builders, and with one man back I can't make it. Making my 5pt is clear. His play was a "whopper with cheese."

I rolled 33, and made the best play by making my 5pt and slotting my bar. He responded 65 and played both from the midpoint. I followed with an unlovely 44, and he with 42, correctly making his 7pt rather than hitting me. Then I rolled 66.

The double is correct, by a sliver. I hope no one thinks this is a pass? It is barely a double. I have a thirty pip lead, a better board, and a broken four-prime.

He rolled his own 66, and a 64 when I fanned. I fanned some more, while he failed to throw a four or a five.
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