Almost XXXactly

by Jake Jacobs
27 January 2017

Jake Jacobs

We adjourned the match last month tied 6-6 to 11. For those coming late to the party, this was a match I played against Paul "X-22" Magriel Labor Day, 1996, for the consolation championship in Indianapolis.

We looked at the earlier parts of the match over the course of two months, and should be able to finish it this time around.

Black (Jake) tied 6-6 to 11

They say fortune favours the bold. My 10/3 was about 4% too timid. Paul rolled 53, and slotted his 5pt, and then I rolled 51. I could have had a four-prime. Now I should have played 13/8, 3/2, but I slotted my 5pt, and was hit.

Both sides played perfectly until we reached here. Paul played 8/1; better is 8/5, 6/2.

Paul correctly played 15/13, 15/10 with his previously roll, and was so pleased to have gotten away with it that he doubled here. Other than medium doubles it is hard to see a market loss, but XG says it is a skinny double.

Paul correctly made his barpoint, which leaves the fewest shots. A good thing, because I rolled 61 from the bar. His 66 left a shot and my 44 missed, but gave me some faint racing hopes.

Black (Jake) trails 6-8 to 11

How would you play 33 here? I hit twice; XG says anything else is at least a 15% blunder.
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