Must Have Been Something They 8

by Jake Jacobs
27 October 2017

Jake Jacobs

I described last spring how the Japan Open moved to a new venue, and was held at a different time of year. The second biggest tournament on the calendar, the Ouisen, was traditionally held in May. With the Open moving into its time slot, the Ouisen moved to the Open's old slot, the second weekend in October.

Mochy needs no introduction. Heck, he doesn't even need a surname. Facing him in the Ouisen final was Yuri Nakamura. Yuri's folks are both players. Her mother, Junko, travels to tournaments outside Japan, and has a number of trophies in her case, including the Japan Open. Yuri has been playing for at least fifteen years, maybe more. In other words, she has been playing twice as long as Matt Cohn-Geier, but she is half his age. This was her first final, but won't be her last.

Playing to 13 points, Yuri took a solid lead. After conceding a point to Mochy she still led 7-3 when the following exciting game began.

Black (Mochy) trails 3-7 to 13

Mochy missed a cube here.

Actually, he missed a cube back here, though this was only an error, and would have been an easy take. But the following turn it was a blunder not to double, when a take by Yuri would be a blunder, and it was nowhere near too good.

However ...

This is nearly too good, and taking is a triple whopper with a dab of wasabi for local flavor. Mochy might claim to have known Yuri would still take next roll, but generally, even if you know your opponent is a very deep taker, it is still wrong to wait. (I proved that many years ago, but with around two thousand pages of articles that never made it into book form; it would take some time to track down the citation.)
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