Philet Of Fish

by Jake Jacobs
29 January 2020

Jake Jacobs

One of the forums for backgammon discussions that has evolved in recent years is Facebook. Using tools like XG it is easy to create and post positions, to ask the world for its opinion, and then depending upon whom you have befriended, and who might be paying attention, you will get feedback.

Everyone is on the honor system not to consult a bot before offering their opinions. Proof that most are honorable is that even after the rollout has been appended there are those chiming in with the wrong play.

Most commentary is not incisive, but there are real experts on Facebook, and if you keep an eye out for them, and heed what they say, you will get free lessons.

One of my friends who posts interesting positions, and knows everyone in backgammon, is Phil Simborg. Here is a position he posted recently. We will go deeper, but for the moment evaluate this as you would in a money game.

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