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Bat in the Backgammon Belfry - Part Two

25 Jun 2008 - by Bart Brooks

In the last article we looked at some bear off situations with a bat in the backgammon belfry, an enemy checker in the empty spaces or pips between your remaining checkers on five or six point and ace or deuce points. This month we compare match games and money games in these situations.


Rating:  4.67
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Bat in the Backgammon Belfry

25 May 2008 - by Bart Brooks

Is it ever appropriate to leave more shots when bearing off? What do you do over the board without the advice of a backgammon bot like Snowie? Columnist Bart Brooks introduces a new term to describe a certain class of backgammon position.

Rating:  4.64

Pieces of the Backgammon Puzzle: Bearing Off vs the Ace Point

25 Apr 2008 - by Bart Brooks

I like to look at backgammon as being able to be broken down into sections, let us say like the small pieces of a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle. While you may not have the whole picture you can surely get a single piece just perfect.

Rating:  4.09

Those Pesky Backgammon Bear Off Choices

25 Mar 2008 - by Bart Brooks

Most of us know the general bear off rules when an opponent is on the bar; leave the ends even, preferably the last four checkers so as not to leave a shot with a double roll, and not to open up a slot where he can enter in front of you. However, these smooth plays are not always obtainable in every backgammon game.

Rating:  4.23

Backgammon Dilemmas With 2 Away 2 Away

25 Feb 2008 - by Bart Brooks

Bart delves into his personal backgammon tournament experience and answers the question "Should we always double right away when on roll at 2 away 2 away? When should we take or drop?"

Rating:  4.75


20 Jan 2008 - by Bart Brooks

About forty years ago, I remember watching Walter Cook, one of the finer backgammon players in his time, and a partner playing a wealthy and very smart older gentleman heads up for $100 per point. That was big bucks back then when $6,000 would buy a new Cadillac.

Rating:  4.93

End of the Year, End of the Game

25 Dec 2007 - by Bart Brooks

It seems suitable to bring up the bear off at the end of the year. Every backgammon games ends with a bear off. Just to keep you in shape we'll do the end of the bear off cube action scenarios.

Rating:  4.63

Dancing For The Holidays

25 Nov 2007 - by Bart Brooks

Bart Brooks presents a holiday gift to you: 12 challenging backgammon 3rd Roll Dance positions to test your teeth on and sharpen your game. Next time you'll know with confidence the cube actions arising from these scenarios.

Rating:  4.50

Backgammon Analysis and Memory

25 Oct 2007 - by Bart Brooks

Bart discusses differences between classical Sixties and Seventies style backgammon plays and modern computer-analyzed plays. Plus, he offers a method for remembering how to respond to openings.

Rating:  4.42

Backgammon's Free Drop Replies

25 Sep 2007 - by Bart Brooks

I've always felt that not enough attention has been paid to the Post Crawford plays. Post Crawford is mostly looked at as: "If I'm the trailer I always double and if I'm the leader and favorite, I'll take, otherwise I'll drop." The catch? Our opponent may decide to not double.

Rating:  5.00

Backgammon's Too Good To Double Post Crawford

25 Aug 2007 - by Bart Brooks

Behind in the backgammon match but oh so-ooo close. Two away, one away, Post Crawford. Maybe, just this once, your opponent won't escape.

Rating:  4.78

Dangerous Backgammon Dilemmas

25 Jul 2007 - by Bart Brooks

Some of the most important decisions in backgammon slip by quietly unnoticed. Even after they have altered the outcome of the match they often remain completely unobserved. For me one of them has been the free drop.

Rating:  5.00
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