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Mel Leifer’s Gammon Links

Mel manages a list of more than 600 links to Backgammon-related pages on the Internet, including many social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. The sites are categorized under a variety of topic headers, come with a brief description and are updated on a regular basis.

Backgammon Galore!

One of the finest resources on the net. The Rules section is excellent, one of the best we have encountered. It thoroughly explains the game and includes essential board illustrations.

Backgammon By The Bay

Our favorite link on this site was Songs. Come now, how many popular songs would you imagine had titles related to backgammon terminology or situations?

Backgammon Central

Diane Varner is a photographer and avid player who travels to Backgammon tournaments around the U.S. and catches images of all the action and excitement of these events.

Board Games With Erik Arneson

Meet Erik Arneson, your's guide to Backgammon and other board games. Check out his list of great Backgammon links.


FIBS is the First Internet Backgammon Server since 1992. It allows Internet users to play backgammon in real-time against real people.

GNU Backgammon

GNU Backgammon is a world class backgammon application, and it works on many operating systems. It can play, analyse and teach backgammon. Its evaluation engine is based on artificial neural networks.


David Kinston's new website for the Melbourne, Australia Backgammon Club where he also has under development a BG server like FIBS. There is lots of information about activities at the club as well. Some of his links may not be active yet.

Wikipedia Backgammon Page

The Wikipedia backgammon page covers everything from backgammon rules, strategy and tectics, social and competitive play, to backgammon software and history of the game.

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