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Prime vs. Prime Cube Action, Part 1: Basic Reference Positions

06 Oct 2010 - by Matt Cohn-Geier

The most complex positions in backgammon are prime vs. prime. Typically, one player has a clear advantage, however, how much of one is difficult to quantify. A small change to a position can make an enormous difference.


Rating:  4.94
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Lessons from Monte Carlo

27 Aug 2010 - by Matt Cohn-Geier

As I play more tournaments, I notice that I tend to be in the winner's circle more often when I feel I am playing better. An odd little curiosity but one that I have found to be borne out by experience.

Rating:  5.00

Learning from the Bots

21 Jun 2010 - by Matt Cohn-Geier

Often people ask me what the best way to study backgammon is. I usually tell them to play against the bots. That's a good start, but there is quite a bit more to be learned from using the bots to effectively study specific positions.

Rating:  4.74

2nd Cyprus Backgammon Open

15 May 2010 - by Matt Cohn-Geier

The Cyprus Open is not the easiest backgammon tournament in the world to travel to. It's on the Turkish side of Nicosia, the world's last divided capital. Anyway, once I was there, the rest seemed fairly easy.

Rating:  4.95

Denmark vs. The World

19 Apr 2010 - by Matt Cohn-Geier

The strongest backgammon nation in the world today, by all accounts, is Denmark. In Denmark, there is a backgammon federation, a published magazine, league play, and plenty of local events.

Rating:  4.96

Backgammon Strategy Simplified: Point, Hit, Race

19 Mar 2010 - by Matt Cohn-Geier

Backgammon is a strategy-poor game. By that I mean that strategically, backgammon is a very easy game. It is not nearly as complex as, for example, Chess or Go.

Rating:  4.82

Match Equity 201: Applied Match Equity and Practical Considerations

17 Feb 2010 - by Matt Cohn-Geier

This month's column goes deeper into the fundamentals of backgammon match equity. Over the course of the article, we move from theory to practical considerations that can help one arrive at the correct cube action over the board.

Rating:  4.92

Match Equity 101: Introduction to Theory

18 Jan 2010 - by Matt Cohn-Geier

Matt's first of a multi-part article covers the basics of the theory of backgammon match equity. Hopefully by the end it will begin to make enough sense that you will be able to apply the correct reasoning and calculations.

Rating:  4.93

The Right Mindset: 9 Principles for Winning Play

15 Dec 2009 - by Matt Cohn-Geier

The only prerequisite to becoming a top backgammon player is having the right mindset: the right approach to the game and the right mentality. If you have the right mindset, eventually technical ability will fall into place.

Rating:  4.69

The Real Importance of Backgammon Reference Positions

19 Nov 2009 - by Matt Cohn-Geier

Whenever you are faced with any checker play or cube decision, your job as a backgammon player is to figure out the best decision. The easiest way to do that is to answer a simple question.

Rating:  4.78
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