eXtreme Gammon

eXtreme Gammon is the #1 backgammon teaching software in the world. It is the strongest and fastest (by far) tool of reference for all the top players in the world.

  • * World-class level engine: eXtreme Gammon is the strongest program available
  • * Very fast analysis: 3X the speed of GnuBG in 3ply. Also, rollouts are 3.5X faster than GnuBG, and 37X faster than Snowie
  • * Background analysis allows instant access to results as you play, rather than waiting for the completion of the match
  • * The simple mode allows players unfamiliar with complex equity information to obtain considerable help from the analysis
  • * Variety of play modes: Free play, Tutor, Coaching, Competition and Iron Man mode
  • * Many options: play with clocks, batch rollout, better export and extra help to understand positions
  • * Multiple languages: English, French, Japanese, Greek, Spanish and Russian (more to come!)
  • * Opening book data for all scores up to 15 points and all reply in unlimited games
  • * Bear off database: ability to generate large bear off database for displaying EPC

This software is for Windows computers only. It can run on Mac or Linux computers by using an emulated installation of Windows, but this is not officially supported.

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