The GammonVillage Tutorials section contains hundreds of articles. For your convenience we have separated them into different categories. Click on the link below that best suits your needs:

  • Beginner Backgammon Tutorials

    These articles will help new players of the game. Includes the following series:

  • Backgammon Brain Busters
  • Three puzzling backgammon positions per article
  • Double Trouble
  • Cube action strategy problems
  • The Gammon Soapbox
  • A single difficult position is examined in each article
  • Backgammon Boot Camp
  • The original, masterful, comprehensive series by Walter Trice
  • Advanced Backgammon Tutorials

    More experienced players can learn from these articles. Includes these series:

  • Phil Simborg's Blunders
  • Phil comments on some of his backgammon blunders
  • Gregg Cattanach's Quiz
  • Seven backgammon problems examined per article
  • The Village Quiz
  • A long-running column featuring problems encountered in live play
  • Dorbel's Gazette
  • Paul Money's detailed examination of backgammon positions
  • Strategic Choices
  • Backgammon trategy tutorials from various backgammon experts
  • Annotated Bot Matches

    These analyzed matches have been rolled out, and commentary added from some of the world's top backgammon players. Includes commentary by:

  • Jay Bidal
  • A Canadian expatriate backgammon expert in Abu Dhabi
  • Neil Kazaross
  • ABT Backgammon powerhouse
  • Steve Sax
  • World-class backgammon player and GammonVillage feature columnist
  • Marty Storer
  • Backgammon expert and veteran of the 1970s golden days of backgammon
  • Douglas Zare
  • Mathematician, expert backgammon player, and GammonVillage feature columnist
  • Mark Driver
  • Top backgammon player and frequent GammonVillage contributor
  • Stein Kulseth
  • Stein Kulseth, the Editor of Norpunkt, the newsletter from The Norwegian Backgammon Federation
  • Analyzed Bot Matches

    These are matches between some great players analyzed by Snowie 3 Pro and Snowie 4 Pro.

  • Backgammon Lessons

    This is where you can obtain lessons from some of the top players.

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