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DOUBLE 6 Dominoes Black Tiles with White Dots in Black Vinyl Case


Price: $9.95

Dominoes isn't just one game, as many people think. There are many games and variations at many skill levels. Domino games have been played by kings and peasants alike. The oldest known domino set was found in Tutankhamen's (the king of ancient Egypt) tomb, amid the ruins of Thebes. You’ll have a blast playing with these Double 6 Dominoes.

Domino Dimensions:
Dominoes: 28
Domino Size: 1 15/16" x 1" x 5/16"
Domino Back: Black
Domino Face: Black
Pip Color: White
Composition: Acrylic
Spinner: No
Domino Case Dimensions:
Case Type: Black Vinyl Case


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