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A GammonVillage Exclusive:
Backgammon Sets by Hector Saxe, Paris France
Hextor Saxe, Paris France

Hector Saxe Croco Leather Backgammon Set - Silver


Price: $2,450.00

Cadillacs are known as the Hector Saxe of automobiles and this luxury model backgammon board is the reason why. A timeless fusion of elegance and performance, this collector's item grows in value every time you enjoy it!

The Kigali-inspired authentic crocodile leather exterior glows in stunning silver. Slide your hand across the textured surface and pop the key into the massif brass clasps. Whisper-quiet hinges give opponents no warning you're on the hunt for your next victory.

And if they have the wisdom to fear you, they'll still drop their guard to adore the striking points in ivory and silver on a flawless inlaid leather playing surface, the all-leather dice cups and luminous mother-of-pearl backgammon checkers – luxuries that come standard with every model.

Put yourself in the driver's seat and cruise to victory. Whether you like to tease your prey or go straight for the kill, this heirloom Hector Saxe backgammon gets you there in style!

Click the specifications tab (above) for a detailed description of this backgammon set, including all materials and sizes. You may click any photo above for a closer view.

Backgammon Set Dimensions:
Closed Length: 20 3/8" Width: 14" Height: 2 3/4"
Open Length: 20 3/8" Width: 28 3/8" Height: 1 3/8"
Backgammon Set Materials:
Case Material: Croco Leather
Case Color: Silver/Turquoise/White
Field Material: Inlaid Leather
Field Color: Black
Points 1 Color: Black
Points 2 Color: Silver
Clasp Style: Massif Brass with Key Lock
Backgammon Stone Dimensions:
Diameter: 1 3/4"
Thick: 3/8"
Material: High Gloss Mother of Pearl
Stones 1 Color: White
Stones 2 Color: Black
Backgammon Dice/Cube Dimensions:
Dice Size: 5/8"
Cube: 3/4"
Dice Set 1 Color: Black
Dice Set 2 Color: White
Cube Color: White
Backgammon Cup Dimensions:
Cup Height: 3" Width: 1 3/4" Length: 3"
Cup Exterior: Leather
Cup Interior: Black Leatherette
Cup 1 Outer: Black
Cup 1 Base: Black
Cup 2 Outer: Black
Cup 2 Base: Black


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