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A GammonVillage Exclusive:
Backgammon Sets by Hector Saxe, Paris France
Hextor Saxe, Paris France

Hector Saxe Python Leather Backgammon Set - Red


Price: $1,795.00

It sports a style so bold, someone should slap this Hector Saxe deluxe backgammon board in the face. But don't you dare throw a drink on it!

Deep crimson python imprinted leather with dark accents envelopes a finely crafted wooden case. Unlock the brass clasp and revel in the smell of inlaid leather with hand painted points skewering red and white checkers.

You may well be wondering what this blood red luxury case would match well with? What setting or outfit will complement it best? And if you are wondering that, this board is not for you. THIS board is designed to stand out. It screams for attention. It mesmerizes and ensnares. It beckons and bedevils. You don't match it to your drapes. Over time you may well build up some kind of visual immunity, dropping the level of dazzle to the merely fantastic.

But your opponents are never on it quite enough to cultivate the same powers of resistance. You'll be racking up double hits while they're contentedly massaging the leather dice cups. You'll be bearing off at speed like a crimson tide, while they lazily ignore the odds. And after you beat them, they'll come back for more. Such is the insidious power of a Hector Saxe Python original.

Click the specifications tab (above) for a detailed description of this quality backgammon board, including all materials and sizes. You may click any photo above for a closer view.

Backgammon Set Dimensions:
Closed Length: 20 3/8" Width: 14" Height: 2 3/4"
Open Length: 20 3/8" Width: 28 3/8" Height: 1 3/8"
Backgammon Set Materials:
Case Material: Leather - Python Design
Case Color: Crimson
Field Material: Inlaid Leather
Field Color: Black
Points 1 Color: White
Points 2 Color: Thunderbird Red
Clasp Style: Nickel Plated Latch
Backgammon Stone Dimensions:
Diameter: 1 3/4"
Thick: 3/8"
Material: High Gloss Mother of Pearl
Stones 1 Color: White
Stones 2 Color: Red
Backgammon Dice/Cube Dimensions:
Dice Size: 5/8"
Cube: 3/4"
Dice Set 1 Color: Red
Dice Set 2 Color: White
Cube Color: White
Backgammon Cup Dimensions:
Cup Height: 3" Width: 1 3/4" Length: 3"
Cup Exterior: Leatherette
Cup Interior: Black Leatherette
Cup 1 Outer: Black
Cup 1 Base: Black
Cup 2 Outer: Black
Cup 2 Base: Black


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