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Freistadtlerâ„¢ Professional Series - Tournament Backgammon Set - Model 330Z


Price: $1,295.00

It's been said often that "there's nothing like German engineering". Whether it's fast cars, speeding trains, or fanciful castles, places like Dresden, Hamburg and Bavaria provide ample evidence that if it's built in Germany, it's built right!

Well, the same holds true for backgammon sets. Introducing the most technically correct backgammon set in the world, the "Freistadtler Professional Series". WARNING: For Professional Use Only. This is not a toy.

Consider the Freistadtler Professional Series backgammon set your weapon of choice, sure to set off alarm bells the moment you walk into the room toting this beast. Not only will you turn heads, you will surely rattle even the coolest cat waiting as your next opponent. Some have said that backgammon is 10% skill, and 90% intimidation, so why not stack the odds in your favor?

These professional backgammon sets are entirely hand-made by the most skilled artisans in the backgammon world, and are painstakingly assembled over several days of careful craftsmanship and attention to detail. Quality and perfection are guaranteed!

The exterior of each set comes in jet black leatherette, accented with nickel trim and hardware, using only the highest quality combination locks, ergonomic handle, and metal corners. Once you open this beauty, prepare to catch your breath as you behold the stunning Merino felt playing surface, carefully inlaid to perfection and available in the most vibrant color combinations.

The backgammon checkers are large and heavy, manufactured from a marbleized resin most closely resembling bakelite, a material used to make backgammon checkers back in the 70's. These are the finest backgammon checkers in the world, and you'll be thrilled to experience how they feel gliding back and forth on the Merino felt playing surface.

Additionally, in each set you'll find professional dice cups with perfectly sized trip lips to ensure fair rolls of the dice, an oversized professional doubling cube, and of course, professional backgammon precision dice.

Go ahead. Shift gears, and let German engineering take you to the top!

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