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Weighted Backgammon Checkers - Pearled - Green - (1 3/4 in. Dia) - Roll of 15


Price: $175.00

Made in Italy, these flawless one-of-a-kind highly-polished and weighted backgammon checkers are made from strong acrylic material with beautiful pearlized design. The stones are perfectly smooth on both sides.

These are the first ever weighted checkers made anywhere in the world. Each checker is manufactured with a weight hidden inside the checker. So while the weight might be invisible, the sensation of holding and playing with a weighted checker is truly striking.

The checker diameter is 1 3/4 inch, they are 3/8 inch thick and weigh a hefty 30 grams each.

Add a bit of style to your set with these limited edition vibrant green backgammon stones.


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