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Wycliffe Brothers® 23-inch Backgammon Set with 1.75-inch Nickel Checkers - Blue Case with Light Blue Field - Prestige Class


Reg. Price: $495.00

Sale Price: $395.00

Elegant, sophisticated, and distinguished, is the only way to describe the magnificent Prestige Class of backgammon sets by the legendary Wycliffe Brothers®. These 23-inch tournament sized backgammon sets come in an array of stunning colors and feature dazzling nickel trimmed checkers that deliver a world-class play experience.

Weighing in at an extraordinary 52 grams each, these checkers establish a new record for backgammon checkers. With each roll of the dice, you will anticipate the thrill of moving these checkers, and will marvel at their superb heft. The raised nickel edges provide the perfect amount of lift, ensuring your checkers move blissfully, without any friction along the playing surface.

The ultra smooth playing surface, known as V-Fiber™, was developed exclusively by Wycliffe Brothers®, and is similar in texture to felt or microfiber. When combined with a padded base, the V-Fiber™ surface presents the ultimate in backgammon luxury. Close your eyes and run your fingers across the perfectly smooth field – you will not feel any of the points. Truly outstanding!

Comparable sets to the Prestige Class are known to sell for much more, 5-10X as a matter of fact. More importantly, however, they lack the overall warmth and style that a backgammon set should have.

Each backgammon set comes equipped with professional dice cups, ergonomically designed to fit your hand perfectly, and lined with the same V-Fiber™ to keep the noise of shaking to an absolute minimum. You'll also appreciate the tournament grade trip-lip, just to make sure the dice fall randomly and cannot be manipulated.

All Prestige Class backgammon sets come with the famous Wycliffe Brothers® oversized doubling cube, measuring 1-3/4" (42mm). When it's time to double, you can now do so with authority! Each case also features reinforced luggage-style handle and nickel plated locks with matching corner protectors.

We must mention two things:

  • 1) These are large sets, at 23 inches. Please measure carefully before ordering to ensure you will not be surprised by their size.
  • 2) Due to the metal checkers, these are heavy sets weighing in at 12.5 lbs each. Please do not order these sets if you need something lighter in weight.

"I highly recommend the Wycliffe Brothers® Tournament backgammon sets. There are so many things to love about these boards: incredibly smooth playing surface, enormous checkers, professional grade cups, cube, and dice...not to mention the unbelievable price! Dollar for dollar, these are the best backgammon sets in the world."

Chiva Tafazzoli, President,
World Backgammon Association


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